Professional: Computer Networking Cisco CCNA with CompTIA Network + (Parts 3 and 4)

Code: FCLXCSCOB1A18/19

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06/02/2019 - 10/07/2019 (18 weeks)
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Southgate Campus

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This course is designed for those requiring professional computer networking certifications within a year (i.e. for career change or advancement). This fast-track course aims to prepare people for Cisco ICND, CCNA and CompTIA Network+ exams and act a gateway to networking, IT and cybersecurity jobs. CCNA consists of four parts: Introduction to Networks, Routing and Switching Essentials, Scaling Networks, and Connecting Networks, which also covers much of the well-respected CompTIA Network+ curriculum. This course covers the second half of this curriculum, providing a comprehensive theoretical and practical approach the technologies and protocols needed to design, configure and implement computer networks. It prepares you for the CCNA and CompTIA Network+ examinations which are professional level qualifications recognised by employers and those in the networking industry. Those wishing to head toward cybersecurity can also consider doing CCNA Security alongside this course.

This course starts with CCNA3 - Scaling Networks. You are required to have at least passed CCNA1 -Introduction to Networks. Materials are comprehensive but require excellent reading and study skills. This is a fast-paced challenging course and you will be expected to be able to commit to learning, and being tested upon, a lengthy chapter with labs every week.

By the end of CCNA3, students will be able to configure and troubleshoot routers and switches and resolve issues with OSPF, EIGRP, and STP in both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Students will also develop knowledge & skills needed to implement DHCP and DNS operations in a network. By the end of CCNA4, students will be able to resolve issues with data link protocols and will have the knowledge & skills needed to implement IPSec and virtual private network (VPN) operations in a complex network. Students will gain practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge; learning how to design, cable, secure and troubleshoot networks, configure routers and switches and set-up and secure wired and wireless networks. You'll have access to networking utilities including our Cisco lab, network simulation and management software as well as other network tools. This helps provide you with the practical experience necessary to pass the CCNA examination and further your employment in the industry.

Each module is assessed through a combination of multiple choice examinations and practical skills demonstration. There is a final proctored examination held on-site. You will need to complete each semester with an average grade of 70% to be able to progress to the next.

You will be given a Cisco Networking Academy Programme Certificate for each semester of the course you complete. The Cisco Certified Networking Academy programme prepares you for the final CCNA Routing and Switching examination. To achieve the complete CCNA or CompTIA Network + qualification you will need to pass an intensive on-line test (a fee is payable not included in this course fee) which can be taken independently at any time from a Pearson VUE Testing Centre, including the one at Barnet and Southgate College.

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This new approach to Professional IT Certification offers FULL professional computing qualifications (Cisco CCNA and CompTIA pathways) in key areas of networking and cybersecurity. We have combined 2 similar leading certification curriculums (CompTIA and Cisco Certified Networking Academy) to prepare students for BOTH professional examinations in the same course/s. Students completing 2 or more courses across the academic year will have necessary knowledge, practical and employability skills to attain professional qualifications and enter into a career as an IT Technician, Networking Technician or Cybersecurity (white-hat) professional. Courses are blocked into 20 weeks which progress through the certification pathways; starting with Cisco IT Essentials and CompTIA A+ and Cyber Security Essentials, through all of the CCNA Networking and CompTIA Network + curriculum to CCNA Security. They are structured so students can completely retrain as IT Professionals in one year.

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